Patchouli Herb-Aphrodisiac,Prosperity, Love, Fertility
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Patchouli Herb-Aphrodisiac,Prosperity, Love, Fertility

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Patchouli is extremely difficult to find and very costly now due to crop failure. The smell of patchouli is unmistakable...and you either love or hate it. I love the smell, it smells like my mom:) But I remember being teased in high school because I "smelled like dirt" that's a BAD thing?
Anyway, nostalgia aside, this is a fantastic herb for love and luck. I love everything about this plant, growing it, the scent, the ashe...and this is super fresh! Use it in sachets, mojo bags, tobies, paquets, helping hands, lingerie draws, closets, as a floor name it, it will bring love and abundance to your home! I use it in my fertility oils and soaps and it really does work! Plus, I keep a sachet hanging above the keeps things spicy.

Known as the "magnetic" herb, it draws love and luck to you! An herb of sexuality, sensuality, strength, power, and passion. Adds oopmh to your workings and to you workin' it;) Also has a long hoodoo history of removing jinxes if burned as incense or added to a mojo bag.

You will receive a 3x4 inch zip bag. 

thanks for looking!

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