Oshun's Honey-Offering, Honey Jars/Spells, Celebration, Ritual

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I have created this lovely bottle of Oshun's Blessing Honey from local honey that is infused with anise seed, star anise (pods and seeds), cinnamon stick, and pink roses-all offerings that Oshun just loves! Who doesn't?! Oshun is Goddess of sensuality, passion and power, Mother of love and the rivers. She radiates beauty and teaches us how to love and please our bodies. She teaches us to be creative, she fills us with ideas, dance and song. Everything beautiful belongs to her: jewelry, amber, coral, fans, cowrie shells, brass, gold, river rocks, perfume, mirrors, shades of yellow, copper arm bands, copper bracelet’s, honey. The number and multiples of 5 are hers as well. Oshun belonged to no man and believed all was fair in games of love. Create an altar for her with any yellow candles, yellow cloth, pumpkins, flowers, (especially hibiscus), cowrie shells, gold, brass, or copper and some of my honey. TASTE it first, as Oshun was once poisoned by honey. Oshun is brass and parrot feathers in a velvet skin. Oshun is white cowrie shells on black buttocks. Her eyes sparkle in the forest, like sun on the river. She is the wisdom of the forest She is the wisdom of the river. Where doctors fail, she cures with fresh water. Where medicine fails, she cures with fresh water. She feeds the barren woman with honey, and her dry body swells up like a juicy coconut. Oh, how sweet, how sweet is the touch of a child’s hand. -Yoruban chant to Oshun This honey can be used as an offering to Oshun but I like to use it in my honey jar spells. It works better than any other honey, especially in honey jars concerning matters of the heart. Place all of your ingredients in a small jar; name papers, candy, pictures, offerings, then cover the contents with my honey and watch the situation sweeten in your favor;) Or, you can just spread it on some toast too, as all of these ingredients are perfectly safe to eat. Have a brunch or coven meeting in Her honor and indulge yourselves!!! Oshun's honey was created during a ritual for her on the 5th day of the month and set for 5 days before bottling and further addition of her sacred herbs to each bottle. Blessed brings you the best! You will receive one, 2 ounce glass bottle of honey. thanks for looking!

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