Oshun Paquet-Love,Relationships, Protection from False Love

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Oshun is the Yoruban Orisha of the sweet or fresh waters (as opposed to the salt waters of Yemaya). She is widely loved, as She is known for healing the sick and bringing fertility and prosperity. She especially watches over the poor and brings them what they need. As Orisha of love, Oshun is represented as a beautiful, charming young woman. The Yoruba clans inhabit parts of western central Africa, in present-day Nigeria. Oshun is the goddess of the river of the same name, and She is especially worshipped in river-towns. During Her yearly festival, She is said to choose one or more women dancers to descend into (much like participants in Vodou ceremonies may be "mounted" or "possessed" by a lwa). These women then take new names in honor of Oshun and are thereafter consulted as healers. Oshun was taught divination with cowrie shells by Obatala, the first of the created gods, and then She brought the teaching to humans. She was at one time the wife of Shango, the storm god, as was Oya, the goddess of the winds and tempests. Oshun is also said to be the mother of the birds or fishes. With the African diaspora, Oshun was brought to the Americas, and adopted into the pantheons that branched out of the African traditions. In the Brazilian religion of Candomblé, which retains close ties with the Yoruban religion, as well as in Cuban Santeriá, She is called Oxum. In Haitian Vodoun She is an inspiration for Erzulie or Ezili, also a goddess of water and love. Oshun, like the other Orisha, has a number associated with Her-five, a color-yellow or amber, and a metal-gold. The peacock and the vulture are sacred to Her, and She always wears a yellow dress and large red hibiscus flower behind her ear. Offerings to Oshun include sweet things such as honey, mead, white wine, oranges, sweets, or pumpkins, as well as perfume. When you receive your paquet, soak it in spiced rum, preferably with a bit of honey for Her! Let the paquet soak for 24 hours. Remove it and allow it to dry, the evaporating rum is an offering to Oshun and will entice her to bless you. This paquet features Her veve which I have hand tinted with coloured beeswax and filled with her favorite offerings; cinnamon, rose, jasmine, cowrie shells, anise, among other fine items. thanks for looking! curio only. i am not responsible for your actions, any legal outcomes, and this is not a substitute for legal advice.

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