Orange Skull Candle-Road Opener, Opportunity, Luck, Legal

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Orange skull candles can be used for blockbuster work, road opener (abre' camino) work, fast luck, employment and more! It also focuses your abilities and aids in any spiritual matter, speeding up the results of your working. Perfect to use to clear a streak of bad luck, when seeking employment, when applying for loans or adoption, immigration papers, court cases, or just to maintain that clear, drama-free, path you have worked so hard to lay! Created from a hand-poured, 6 inch orange candle imbued with energy and loaded and dressed with devil's shoestring, fenugreek seeds, lemongrass, hand ground anise, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom! You will smell and feel the difference of fresh ashe' at Conjured Cardea! Try combining this candle with some of my other Road Opener items for major mojo! 

Working candles must be burned on a heat safe surface in a heat safe dish. Please do not leave unattaneded. HERBS WILL IGNITE AS THEY ARE FLAMMABLE. Placing gravel or sand in your dish, to disperse, heat is recommended.

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