Orange Sauvage Oil-Marriage Proposals, Money, Luck, Love

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Talk about attraction! If you want it or need it, this oil will help you get it! Created with the help of my French speaking husband to tweak the old recipe just enough to make it shine! The name translates to "Wild Orange" though it sounds much sexier when my husband says it in French;) Created with freshly prepared sweet orange zest, sweet orange oils, lodestone and magnetic sand-make it do what it do! Oranges have long been prized as signs of freshness, vitality, wealth, and luck. A very traditional recipe used for drawing and attraction workings of all types-especially in the marriage proposal area:) Use on green, yellow, red, pink, or white candles. Makes a delightful perfume and body rub!

feedback; " i've been lighting candles with the Orange Sauvage oil and lavender oil (alternating week to week one oil to the other)...ever since I started the honey jar (it was last week i lit candles 5 days in a row and now i'll keep lighting them once a week), he has been talking SO seriously about marriage, asking me where i want to get married. then three days ago one of his brother's came to visit from overseas and he had just gotten married in italy and the two of them were having "man talk" after which he came back said "[name] really made me feel good about getting married"...and just YESTERDAY, he was researching travel to Brazil and Nigeria because I always said I wanted to get married either in Brazil or by the Oshogbo river (Oshun's river) in Nigeria!!! He even went as far as to show me the stash of money he's building up saving up for the travel/wedding! :) he even told all his friends and family now, even his other children's mother! I have been absolutely shocked this whole time because it's happening SO FAST! this oil is the TRUTH! :) thanks once again for a CLASSIC, Moma Sarah!" thanks for looking! curio only.

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