Ochosi Collares-Employment, Success, Legal Matters, Justice

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Ochosi (Oshossi) lives in the woods and is a great hunter and fisherman. He's also a warrior, a magician and a seer with shamanistic powers.  Ochosi is the lord of justice, and the patron of those who have problems with the law.  

Ochosi lives in an iron cauldron with Ogún, which is placed next to Eleguá near the interior entryway of the home.  Most patakis say that Ogún, Eleguá and Ochosi are brothers, but they may have different mothers and fathers. For example, Yemayá is often mentioned as Ochosi's mother, whereas Yemú (Yembo) is the mother of Eleguá and Ogún.  According to a pataki, Ogún and Ochosi weren't always on friendly terms, but they came to understand that they needed each other and made a pact to always work together.  When the earth was newly formed, there were so many forests that Ochosi had a hard time getting to his prey when he hunted. His arrow never missed the mark, but there were no paths or clearings, so he couldn't reach the animal he had killed, and he had no food.  Ogún had a similar problem. He was great at making metal traps, but he could never catch anything in the traps.  Each one went to complain to Orula about their problem, and Orula suggested they go individually to make ebbó (an offering) in the forest.   They ran into each other while they were going to make ebbó, and they started to talk.  Soon, they realized that together they could do much more than either could do alone.  Ochosi could hunt and kill animals for food, and Ogún could use his machete to clear the path.  This way, Ochosi could reach his prey and he could share the food with Ogún.  This explains why Ochosi and Ogún are inseparable.


Call upon Ochosi for employment, legal matters, court, obtaining goals and success.

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