Novena-9 Day Service-Any Type of Working
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Novena-9 Day Service-Any Type of Working

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A novena is a nine-day period of private or public prayer to
obtain special graces, to implore special favors, or to make special petitions. Novena is derived from the Latin "novem", meaning nine. 

Why a novena and not a spell?  A novena requires me to petition a specific deity or saint(s) to hear and grant your request. Novenas are a working that I will perform WITH you-action is required on your end. Please contact me for item suggestions to help address your issue. Novenas are really a type of spell in themselves but have the potential to work better. in my opinion. This is a service I like to extend to my clients because of the result it can achieve. In 9 days one can change their attitude, outlook, focus, and therefore, replace a bad habit with a good habit, changing their life.

*I will only perform 1-2 novenas a month as they require 9 days straight of magickal work. 

I will keep a candle lit for you on my altar and will devote 1 hour of magickal work and prayer each of the following nine days. 9 days will be devoted to your work, with 9 intensive hours. The working may include an offering, jar working, paquet or other depending on your issue.

What I need from you;
Your name and birth date, as much description as you'd like about your situation. The more detail I have, obviously the better I can serve you. I also understand the issue of privacy and can assure you anything you reveal is in complete confidence between you and I. YOU MUST contact me, using the CONTACT link on my homepage, with your details.

thanks for looking!
am not responsible for outcomes in any way shape or form. this is not a substitute for legal, medical, or any professional help. I will do my best to get you results, but in the end, the answer depends on the spirits.

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