NEW MOON Vodou Oil-Manifest, Conjure, Ancestors, Messages

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Created during the new moon. This oil was inspired by the Vodou rituals of New Orleans. When a Vodoun prepares an oil for the client, it is done so with divine guidance, communication and honor. Thought, concentration, communication and ashe' go into the oil and a trance-like state is achieved. While making my oils, I am able to speak to my assistant with my physical mind but serve as a medium and tune-in to my client's needs. Hence the term "two-headed woman" which refers to women conjure folk. We work with a hand in each realm. This oil encompasses the humming drums of ritual, the rythym of our dances, the breath of mystery and the blending of both realms. As a true conjure worker lives in both.

Used for purification, protection, meditation, trance and ritual.

Created with Job's tears, clear quartz, magnolia and more.

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