Moonlit Harvest Resin Incense-Balance, Bounty, Magic

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Two ounce incense jars, each comes with two charcoal briquettes. 

Moonlit Harvest. This is our Autumnal Equinox resin incense blend created with hand-prepared opoponax, blue spruce, pine, sunflower, saffron, allspice, clove, rosemary, sweetgrass, deer's tongue, juniper berry, lemon zest and oakmoss.

At the equinox, day and night are of equal length, making it an especially good time to seek balance in our lives. This day marks the second hsrvest of the season and is a time of abundance, gratitude, preparedness and balance. This incense is best used in offering and honor to help us focus on our bounty and prepare for the end of the year. What is your spiritual bounty this season?

 2 ounce glass jar

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