Monkey Paw Oil-Good Luck, Prosperity, Attraction, Drawing
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Monkey Paw Oil-Good Luck, Prosperity, Attraction, Drawing

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An exclusive formula copyrighted for Conjured Cardea! I dreamed of this oil recipe, so I just had to make it for you! I was in a South American Forest and I was following this little monkey-I could go anywhere he could go, see anything he could see. Climb to the highest branch and see with amazing clarity how close we are to the heavens... Then reach out and touch it. Monkeys have wonderfully, delicate and dexterous fingers and the amazing ability to reach the highest tree top. Let their sweet paws, touched with flowers and fruit, help you climb, jump, and grasp your highest goals. Created from luscious South American scents such as ylang ylang, sandalwood, mimosa, and vanilla, this oil is traditionally used on the alleged "monkey paw" amulet to bring the user incredible luck. I have found that this oil works just as well on just about any amulet-I have tried it on many! Dress your roots, carry pieces, conjure balls, whatever! It also makes a sweet perfume to draw in what you need. Change your luck with this amazing oil. Great for feeding mojos and candles as well. Use with yellow, orange, or green candles. thanks for looking! ashe'! curio only. © Conjured Cardea™ 2009. No part of the content, designs, photographs, product trade name(s), trade product design(s), intellectual property, and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission. All rights reserved.

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