Money Seed Jar Set-For Steady Income and Money Increases

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This is my Money Seed Jar and it's my favorite "Prosperity Maintenance" work and great way to draw continuous prosperity and increases in pay, winnings, projects, clients, etc. The jar is filled with my 12 bean mix (to represent fertility, abundance and growth-as you are planting the "seeds" of prosperity in your life and home) as well as shredded money, lodestones and more. When you receive the jar, empty the beans out and place your photos (or whomever you wish to draw wealth to) in the bottom, face up. Add dirt from the four corners of your home and the change in your wallet or purse to the beans and pour back into the jar. Then dress the candle with my Wealthy Way oil and place the candle down into the beans. Continously keep a green or orange candle burning in the jar.

You will reeive one 6 inch, green taper candle, a bottle of my Wealthy Way oil and the Money Seed Jar.

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