Money Master Incense-Master Your Finances, Employment, Money

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Beautiful vibrant emerald green cones of jasmine (to bind your money) Sandalwood (to groud it to you) and hoeysuckle (to sweeten and multiply!! Only the finest ingredients I know of for wealth and success! Master your money by creating a daily, focused ritual with this incense to keep you financially secure, responsible and to maintain what you have already worked so hard for! I have also had clients report this brings a happier home, so it promotes success in other areas, not just monetarily, after all, isn't that what is most important? Wealth does you no good if you don't have friends and family to share it with! You will receive 10 cones beautifully packaged (as pictured) with calendula, whole allspice, bay leaves, and juniper berries to use as an offering, spell casting, bath etc! The possibilities are endless! Use this incense with green, yellow, or orange candles to help carry your requests to the deities to bring true wealth your way! Write your goal or intent on the bay leaves and light them in your candle as an offering. thanks for looking!

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