Money Magic Manifestation Deck-Open Your Prosperity Avenues

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There are 48 Money Magic Manifestation affirmation and statement cards in this deck.

- Deck Dimensions – 2.25inch x 3.5inch
- 400 gsm matte finished card stock
- Antique gold gilt edging
- Money Manifestation foldout with tips to help you work on your money game.
- Hard keepsake magnetic box

All decks are charged under the full moon with the intention of aiding money magic for their new owners.

Money Magic Manifestation cards may be used as both affirmation and manifestation partner cards. A powerful way to use these cards is to pull a card every day and place it where you will see it frequently so that you can repeat and see the manifestation statement as much as possible. 

My personal ritual with these cards is to start each day by pulling a card along with one from another Oracle or Tarot deck and place the cards on my mini altar on my deck along with my mala beads. This way, when I perform my mantras and manifestation work for the day, I already have the message for my day’s practice. 

It is a good practice to start by checking in with yourself in order to see what you are being called to clear from your money mindset. This can also help you release blocks from other areas of your life. It is all connected and clearing blocks from these areas is key to manifesting your goals, financial or otherwis

Thank you!

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