Money House Blessing Oil-Bring Prosperity into Your Home

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I've created this oil with carnation petals, a strip of dollar bill, nutmeg, High John root, pyrite, along with violet and vanilla oil. This is an amazing oil to bestow steady work and prosperity to all who dwell in your home.

Use this oil on candles or as a perfume. Try using it along with this mojo. You need;

4 green mojo bags

For Each bag;

One dollar bill

2 quarters

2 dimes

2 nickles

10 pennies

1 orris root

1 buckeye

1 pecan

Tie each bag around 3 times with white thread. As you do this say; "Money to money, power to power, let the wealth that is mine, through divine right be showered. Upon my home, upon my work, through rain and thunder, from air to earth."

Place each bag in a corner of your home. They can be hidden under couches or in plants as well.

Thanks for looking!


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