Money Draw Powder

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Money Draw is an old hoodoo recipe that is used to open every avenue possible to bring prosperity into your life. Get more customers, better customers, collect debts, land projects, business deals, find employment, or just make sure your bills are paid! This powder is created from the finest wealth drawing ingredients; powdered allspice, ginger, nutmeg, patchouli, cinnamon, lemongrass, poppy seed, fennel seed, tonka bean, high john root, Irish moss, and bayberry oil! Plus a few extra secrets that make it a unique recipe you will only find at Conjured Cardea! Dress a green, orange, or yellow candle with this powder, or add it to your mojo. Recite the 23rd Psalm, then ask for what you need. Do this for 7 days. Repeat once a month and make sure to leave some powder out as an offering to the Gods and Goddesses. After all, the hard work comes from you but the blessings come from them:) Use in conjunction with my Wealthy Way oil for a double whammy! A trick I find with my powders is that my goals are always met, though rarely how I envisioned them happening;) So try to be open to options and new avenues, if you're not you may be cutting off a great opportunity! feedback; "Just wanted to say, the other day my mom came over for a while. Before she left she mentioned that she was waiting for her taxes to come back because she needed the money, but they wouldn't be back for days still. I gave her some of the Money Draw powder I had recently got (and hadn't even used myself yet) and instructed her how to use it. She rubbed it all over her money and sprinkled some in her wallet. The next morning she informed me that when she got home, the money was there in her bank account. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful shop!" "My husband and I had bought a business together an it wasn't going anywhere. I decided to do this ritual every night for 7 days and 2 weeks after I used it I got a paycheck for over $6,000. Thank you Moma Sarah!!! U r the Best!" Thanks for looking! curio only.

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