Moma's Triple Conjure Oil-Pre Spell Booster,Drawing,Blockbuster

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This is MY personal, tried and true, always go to, oil!

I have used it for years as a sort of "pre-wash" for all of my client's services. This oil can be used in almost any type of drawing or road opening work.

I have created it with alkanet root, abre camino, a strip of dollar bill, pyrite, high john root, coffee, chicory root, master root, devil's shoestring, iron filings, violet leaves and more!

Use before any of your draw ing work (prosperity, legal, open roads, employment, love, etc) to prep for your work. This oil preps your candles and tools to help you focus and better direct that energy and ashe'. It is also a super fast Blockbuster oil, which helps lay a smooth foundation for your workings and a fast luck formula to draw in results quickly.

Thank for looking!

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