Moma Sarah's Special Floorsweep-Luck, Business, Protection

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My own special sweep that I have used for nearly 15 years to cleanse my home and draw good fortune and prosperity. Created from alfalfa, raspberry leaf, oatstraw, horsetail rush, patchouli and my own secret herbs from my garden. This mix is well known to create abundance, spiritual wealth and a fertile spiritual environment for your goals to manifest in.

Sweep all of the dirt from your floors and throw it out your back door or flush down the toilet. Then sprinkle some of this blessed herbal mixture onto your floors, say your prayers or Psalms, and then sweep it up and throw it out your front door or dispose of in a natural area.

Use with Psalms 52, 72, 106, 108, or 118.

You will receive a 3x4 inch zip bag. 

thanks for looking!

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