Messenger Service-Facilitates Communication and Results

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This service helps to encourage the person of your choosing to think of you, resulting in communication. This can lead to meetings, reconciliations, interviews (if employment related)-a deepening/healing of relationships.

Great for resolving issues, getting calls about employment, adoption, legal matters, from lovers, lost friends or family. This oil can be used in any situation that requires the need for you to receive any type of message- be it about love, projects, clients, friendship, opportunities or employment.

For best results, use in conjunction with my Messenger oil and Mojo.

This is a 2-3 day service in which the appropriate color and gender of figure candle will be chosen based on your needs. A bluing bath is added to open and enhance communication pathways as well we drawing success and luck to the relationship/opportunity.

Spiritual services are not guaranteed. Just as not every treatment works for every person, spiritual services are no different. There is no treatment or therapy that works for 100% of the clients who try them.

5-10 photos and a report will be emailed to you during the process. Please send all details, full names, dates of birth and photos to

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