Mercuralia Service-May 15th-Business, Creators, Entrepreneurs

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Mercuralia is the feast day of Mercury/Hermes. Traditionally on Mercury's feast day, sacred waters from Porta Capena would be sprinkled on small business owners, their spaces, their merchandise and inventory as well as the instruments of their trade. 

Our businesses, ideas and platforms should be treated as living entities and honored for all they provide us! Our creativity brings us joy and stress relief, our businesses provide for us and our places of work give us stability and community!

Honor yourself and all of the energy you have invested in your business and ideas that make is a living, growing being that helps you manifest the life you love!

This ritual is perfect to bring in blessings of abundance, proseprity, financial stability, ideas, creativity, visibility, popular content, presence and wealth in all its forms!

Each service comes with a Mercuralia oil that will be shipped to you!

Photos will be sent 24-72 hours after the service is complete.

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