"Meek Lamb" Palm Oil Candle with Directions-Attract a Partner
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"Meek Lamb" Palm Oil Candle with Directions-Attract a Partner

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6" Tall Two Colors: Yellow and BLue
Candle will burn about 85 Hours

Astral Mystical Candle for Captivating.  This candle was prepared with coconut palm wax to give it a charge of positive energy.  It contains amulets and astral essences that have captivating qualities. 

Instructions: If you wish to attract a partner:  Fill a glass with water and circle it around the candle, then place the glass of water next to the candle.  Take the candle with both hands and recite these words: "With this I will sweeten your heart the way you will sweeten my heart."  Light the candle and place next to the glass of water.  Once the candle is lit, mix a spoonful of sugar into the glass of water and say: You, (persons name), will kneel at my feet and you will love for me alone.  You will know how to give me what I want and you will long for me whenever I want you to.  Meek like a lamb, you will forever be at my side."  When the candle is finished burning pour the sweetened water into the jar and leave it overnight.  The next day, water a plant with this water and keep the quartz stones.  

Intructions are continued with the spell paper included.

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