Masterful Manifestation Package-Advanced Development
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Masterful Manifestation Package-Advanced Development

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This is my comprehensive Masterful Manifestation Course designed for those who want to move into a more advanced allignment of rootwork. This includes practical and comprehansive application, theory and development. This package is only offered to select, VIP clients whom I want to work more closely with. Space is currently limited to 10 clients for this program. This is a $4700.00 value.

This package includes;


A personal bone throwing reading performed by me.

Spirit Guide Processing where I will determine your guides, deities or spirits for your to access and honor.

Unlimited E-mail access to me from 8AM Est to 8PM EST

Altar Supply set up for your personal practice and strengths. This package includes physical tools that are hand-selected to help you raise personal power and divine connection.

Rootwork package. A physical package of rootwork items for you to begin developing the advanced stages of your practice.

Customized, personal rootwork services for each week of the program-1 customized service per week to achieve your goals.

Private access to some of my top workings-these have not been released to the public and are the working I use for my own personal success.

Private access to my VIP video library.

FREE access to all of my Spiritual Exercise PDF's and Ebooks.

FREE access to all of my community services, each month for 1 full year.

My Advanced recommended reading list.

My "Top Picks" Book and Tarot Deck Package-A personalized package that will be shipped to you containing 5-10 books and a tarot deck that I choos to suit your practice and development.


I am excited to work with you! I can not wait to seee how you advance and develop your own personal power and skillset!




This is my introductory E-book on my personal tips, tricks and techniques of candlework that I have developed over the last 20 years.

You will be emailed a document link to your copy immediately upon payment. This E-book covers;

A Short History of Candles

Storage and Preparation of Your Candles

Durationa and Tips for Success

The Power of the Senses in Magickal Workings

Loading Your Candle

How to Work a Conjure Candle

How To Dress Your Candle


Inscribing Your Candles

Writing a Goal Pyramid

Adding Beacon Candles


Wax Flow Interpretation

Basic Flows

Maintanence Work

Candle Disposal






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