Master Root Oil-St. Michael-Protection, Power, Luck, Success

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They call it "master" because it masters everything! A cousin to Angelica known for it's protective powers, ability to remove hexes, and known for being a mother's herb as sachets are hung in children's windows to keep them safe. I do this for my own children; I added some to a jar along with other protective herbs and sat it on their windowsill. I replenish a few times a year to keep bad dreams away. Potent health herb used in many healing practices throughout history. Hard to find herb and when you do, it's expensive! Number one all-purpose herb for luck, power, health, goddess connection, and protection, if you have this herb, you're covered! This oil can be used to enhance any working and bring mastery to life during diffilcult times and challenges. Aids in unblocking your prosperity avenues and bringing success.



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