Master Key Oil-Communication, Psychic Ability, Success,Obstacles
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Master Key Oil-Communication, Psychic Ability, Success,Obstacles

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Some say this is the Master of all oils. Used for love, luck, health, and success. It is believed to be the jewel of oils. This oil places emphasis on magical conjuration, psychic ability, spirit communication, spell casting, and mental sensitivity. Combined with good fortune and luck ingredients it packs a real punch at ritual, occult, and ceremonial workings. This oil aids you in the goal of enhancing each worker's spiritual forces, within and without, enabling action upon the external world and manifesting your goals. This oil works very well to boost the attributes of a spell, candle or other oils. It is a traditional method is to employ this oil in conjunction with the 23rd Psalm, while praying for the desired outcome. Created with patchouli, vervain, master root, clary sage, High John root, star anise, sweet woodruff, with a tiny key within the bottle to unlock your intuition, power, and desires. bless!

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