Marie Laveau Water-Clairvoyance, Protection, Purification-1oz

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Welcome! This is my own formula of Marie Laveau water, the legendary Voodou Queen of New Orleans. Born in 1792, Marie transformed Voodou from a persecuted cult to an organized, respected religion and cultural tradition. She has achieved unofficial saint status and continues to perform miracles and answer prayers from her grave at New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery # 1. This formula is often sold as Holy water or Blessed water, and may be used in any spell that calls for such. This water can also be worn as a perfume as it smells heavenly! Used to increase psychic ability, promote protection and spiritual purification, and cleanse the aura. My water is created with lavender water, rose water, melted snow (or rain water depending on the season) and lavender essential oil. Indigo Water is used to compliment the power of Marie Laveau water as indigo is the most powerful color of protection. The dye of the indigo plant originated in India then migrated to Egypt, Greece and the Yoruba kingdoms of what is now Nigeria. It is most commonly associated with the mystical Tuareg or "Blue People" of the Sahara desert. Indigo is used to empower charms, tools, and talismans, enhance and empower the aura, to ward off the evil eye and promote spiritual protection, to prevent illness and disease, and to purify one's self.

1 ounce bottle.


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