Mama Brigitte Soap-Academics, Legal Matters, Business, Luck

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She walks the walk and talks the talk! Known for her obscenity spewing mouth and favouring rum laced with hot peppers, Mama Brigitte is serious business! Lwa Mama Brigitte is the Queen of the Spirit World, the wife of Baron Samedi. She is often associated to the African Orisha, Oya, Queen of the Winds & Hurricanes. Her sacred animal is the rooster. I call upon Mama Brigitte to clear negativity and bring clarity to my life, and to bring protection and wisdom from ancestors and spirit guides. 

She is also phenomenal at helping with academics, call upon her when studying and prayer to her before exams! I worked with her all though college! She will show you the way to good fortune and abundance if you respect her and acknowledge her daily.

This special soap contains patchouli, bergamot, lime and orange essential oils.

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