Maa Isa Oil-Divination Aid and Tool, Psychic Enhancement, Isis
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Maa Isa Oil-Divination Aid and Tool, Psychic Enhancement, Isis

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An ancient Egyptian blend which means "The truth of Isis". This oil was reputedly used in councel by the Preistesses of Isis to aid in seeking the truth of a matter via divination.

You can use this oil for divination by wearing it, using it an oil burner, or adding drops of it to a challow saucer of colored water and deciphering the shapes and images provided.

This oil can provide clearer information from visions, dreams, and readings. It is also wonderful to wear for high learning. If you attend metaphysical classes, workshops, or retreats, this oil can help you get the most from your teachings and help you retain it.

It also makes a wonderful offering to Isis if you are a devotee or petitioning her.

Created with myrrh resin and oil, vervain herb and essential oil, frankincense resin and oil, civet oil, styrax, and orange zest and oil.

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