M.I.S.A.T.M. Oil-Money is Sexually Attracted To Me

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Money is Sexually Attracted To Me Oil.

This prosperity manifestation tool is a new way to manifest prosperity. To ATTRACT and SEAL prosperity to you in a romantic bond. To move past limiting beliefs, lack-mindset, poverty mindsets and prosperity trauma from our past by creating an aura of love and passion to invite money into our lives and build a lasting bond and connection with it. This is the newest approach to manifesting a real, healthy relationship with your finances and it works!

This oil is about HEALING your prosperity avenues, opening them and making them fruitful and juicy!

Created with rose gold, a key, five finger grass, devil's claw, real money, a miniature $100 bill, tonka bean, vanilla, oud, sandalwood and more. Creates a universal scent that can be worn by any gender.

Use this oil on an orange or yellow candle for healing and opening of your proseprity avenues. Light on Monday and end on Saturday. 


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