MINI Masterful Manifestation Package-Advanced Development
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MINI Masterful Manifestation Package-Advanced Development

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This is my comprehensive Masterful Manifestation Course designed for those who want to move into a more advanced allignment of rootwork. This includes practical and comprehansive application, theory and development. This package is only offered to select, VIP clients whom I want to work more closely with. Space is currently limited to 10 clients for this program. This is a $2700.00 value.

This package includes;

An Email consultation to determine your goals, practices and areas of improvement for your path.

A personal bone throwing reading performed by me.

Spirit Guide Processing where I will determine your guides, deities or spirits for your to access and honor.

Unlimited E-mail access to me from 8AM Est to 8PM EST

Rootwork package. A physical package of rootwork items for you to begin developing the advanced stages of your practice.

Customized, personal rootwork services for each week of the program-1 customized service per week to achieve your goals.

FREE access to all of my community services, each month for 1 full year. (Excludes Community Honey Jar)

My Advanced recommended reading list.

Free E-Book Access


I am excited to work with you! I can not wait to seee how you advance and develop your own personal power and skillset!




This is my introductory E-book on my personal tips, tricks and techniques of candlework that I have developed over the last 20 years.

You will be emailed a document link to your copy immediately upon payment. This E-book covers;

A Short History of Candles

Storage and Preparation of Your Candles

Durationa and Tips for Success

The Power of the Senses in Magickal Workings

Loading Your Candle

How to Work a Conjure Candle

How To Dress Your Candle


Inscribing Your Candles

Writing a Goal Pyramid

Adding Beacon Candles


Wax Flow Interpretation

Basic Flows

Maintanence Work

Candle Disposal






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