Luv Poshun #7 Oil

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Luv poshun number 7? Say what?! 7 because it is the number of love- the number of Erzulie. For any matters of love-sex, confidence, sensuality, emotion, passion, worth, meaning, commitment, honesty, will want her help. Wonderfully refreshing, uplifting scent, lavender base with jasmine, but not too sweet...I don't like too sweet. The added triple citrus blend of grapefruit, neroli, and lime evokes tropical breezes and rejuvenating energy. Scrumptious! My oil also contains an emerald, the stone of love, and hibiscus petals for sensuality and divine power. Erzulie is the Haitian Goddess of Love whose roots go back to West Africa. She is the loa of beauty, sweetness, love, flowers, goodwill, fortune, health, jewels, and pretty clothes. She is sensuality personified and is renowned for her generosity. The arts, especially dance, are her domain. Rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls are hers and she can cure womb-related problems with her cool waters. She is personified as a water snake who lives on lily pads. The fan, the dove, and color pink are sacred to her. She lives in fabulous luxury and appears powdered and perfumed. She is as lavish with her love as with her gifts. Voodoo has a most special place for Erzulie, the loa who is so uniquely human since she is the differentiating force between human and all other creation. She is the ability to conceptualize, the ability to dream, the artistic ability to create. She is the loa of ideas. Erzulie is the loa of ideal dreams, hopes and aspirations. As such she is the most loved loa of all. She is fair skinned, almost white, even though she is Dahomean in origin, and always wears a yellow dress. She is known as the earth mother and in every sanctuary there is a room, or corner, dedicated to her. Bring out the goddess within and have others recognize and appreciate it! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself for once! We are all divine, and now you will smell divine too! Thanks for looking! curio only

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