Lucky Hand Oil-Employment, Luck, Travel, Gambling, Love, Legal
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Lucky Hand Oil-Employment, Luck, Travel, Gambling, Love, Legal

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welcome! True Lucky Hand oil! Traditional recipe, ritually prepared. The secret to lucky hand oil is the rose. Lucky hands must be soaked in rose oil. This is almost always left out of commercial lucky hand root oil and, sadly to say, sometimes the root itself is left out too due to it being rare and expensive as it comes from a specific variety of orchid. That's right! A lot of commercial oils you buy contain nothing but oil and dyes...NO botanicals at all! What a rip off! This oil contains real, freshly dried roses, rose oil from Bulgaria, and a small, whole lucky hand root (the large one's I sell just don't fit in the bottle). A must have for any witch or hoodoo! You won't find a more authentic oil, hunny! Anoint mojo bags and objects with it for fast luck, employment, protection, gambling, travel and success in legal matters! You can't go wrong with this gem! THE best oil for finding a job, if you ask me. Anoint your purse, wallet, and resume for money or employment. Anoint your shoes for travel, anoint your heart to find love! This oil is now limited because of the increased rarity of this root. thanks for looking!

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