Low John, Southern John, Dixie John Root-Love, Sex, Fidelity
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Low John, Southern John, Dixie John Root-Love, Sex, Fidelity

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Southern John is the root of the common Trillium Grandiflorum which is a native woodland plant here. They are becoming very difficult to find due to their endangerment and they are often mislabeled in botanicas which are selling galangal roots (chewing john) instead of true southern john's. High john, chewing john, and low john are all separate species of plants. They are not related and are all different from one another. These roots are harvested from a farmed patch.

These spring-flowering members of the lily family have long been used medicinally, and among Euro-American herbalists, low john is sold medicinally under the name birth root or beth root and used as an aid in childbirth and with menstrual cramps. 

This root is also used for luck, love, sex, and family. Carry a whole root for luck. To draw love, make a tea from it and drink it nightly while burning incense mixed with the root “hairs" the fibrous rootlets extending from the larger body of the root. For marriage, carry Southern John in a red bag with violet leaves, lodestone, and iron filings, dressed with attraction oil. All ofthese items are sold here except the violet leaves, which will soon be availabe. If you would like me to prepare this mojo for you, please convo me, I would be happy to help!

For a better sex life, tie low john in a muslin or cheesecloth bag and launder it with your bed clothes, underwear or lingerie. To break up an affair troubling your marriage, mix the root with the hair or nail parings of you and your spouse and burn them to ashes. Use the ashes to mark the corners and center of your bedroom and bed, praying the 91st Psalm for the intruder to go away.

Listing is for one 2/3 inch bag of 3 root segments.

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