Lost and Away Jar-Send Your Enemy or Target Away for Good

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This listing is for a Lost and Away jar which is used to target a specific person, or situation, and send them away. This work is virtually undetectable and causes the target to become confused and willingly withdraw from the situation or relaionship being interfered with. Working includes the construction and use of custom filled jar-cayenne, guinea pepper, sulphur, Spanish moss, vinegar, and photo or name paper as well as an inscribed figure candle. I will begin the working on you behalf and notify you via e-mail with photos, description and my interpretation of the process. This is for a 3-5 day working DEPENDING HOW YOUR CANDLE BURNS. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED ONCE YOUR SERVICE IS COMPLETE. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 7 DAYS FOR PROPER DISPOSAL AND REPORT.


Please understand that no working can be guaranteed; the results are ultimatly up to The Fates to decide-not me.  What I need from you; Your name and birth date, as much description as you'd like about your situation. The more detail I have, obviously the better I can serve you. I also understand the issue of privacy and can assure you anything you reveal is in complete confidence between you and I.

***ONE situation or circumstance at a time ONLY. You will need to leave your situation details in the note area upon ordering.


"Always a pleasure to work with Sarah. I felt the need for some help and she is right there. You are a blessing and I thank you for your help!"

"The best money I have ever spent! Do yourself a favor and order this!"

"First time ordering from Moma Sarah and I am greatly impressed with her excellent customer service and the positive energy that exudes from her. Sarah sent me 3 great photos of my candle burning with an explanation of her working. She was helpful, kind, prompt & thorough in addressing my concerns and meeting my needs. Best of all, things seem to be working as the target has been nicer and more attentive to me in the past few days after Sarah's working. Thank you, Moma Sarah :)"

"I'd highly recommend Moma Sarah's private candle requests. I noticed results even before her candle was lit, and right now things are much better than I could have imagined! I did work in addition for this task, but I believe Moma Sarah's energy helped a lot!" "Moma Sarah opened me up to working with spirits I hadn't had any prior experience with. I can tell you that I felt the spirit in question around when she did this vigil for me and the whole experience was powerful and positive. Thanks, Sarah for helping ensure my prayers were heard and for offering this wonderful service."

*You're work will be scheduled upon payment. Please realize that you will receive an appointment on the soonest date I have available, not on the same day you order.


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