Lost & Away Oil-Send Them Away Bewildered and Confused

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Use this oil for major protection when faced with an abuser, crazed ex, stalker, etc. Here is a perfect spell to use with this oil;

To be rid of someone and cause them confusion so they will not return;

On a piece of vellum (brown paper) write in ink the name of this person. If you have a photograph you can write the name on the back of the photograph. Anoint this paper/photograph with my Lost and Away oil. Roll it up and add it to a jar with la sal negra (black salt), graveyard dirt, and cayenne pepper. Burn a black candle on top of the jar to seal it. Throw this jar into a live body of water.

If it is carried away, the person will leave within 9 days. If it sinks or is carried towards you, you must repeat the spell, lighting another black candle on top over 9 days. Inscribe the candle and anoint it with Lost and Away oil.

My oil is created with mistletoe, sulphur, orris root, sage, sage essential oil, and earth from a crossroads. 

Good luck!

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