Look Me Over Oil
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Look Me Over Oil

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Look Me Over is an old hoodoo formula that is designed to get you noticed! These products can be utilized in spells to draw new friends, business, or networks. Worn on the body it is said to increase desirability, enhancing your underlying attributes and allowing you to project them. This manifests your desires, making you more desirable in turn:) This formula is derived from a Cherokee and Iroquois magical herb that was used in "skin magic" and "basket magic." Skin and basket magic utilized herbs and roots that were made into teas which were sprinkled lightly on fur hides or on hand-woven baskets these tribes made. When the buyers were going through these piles of goods, the items that had the "powder" on them would appear more attractive, and would get the first look. Then, if touched, these herbs would encourage the purchase of that item. Therefore, Look Me Over can also be used commercially, on goods for sale, and for circumstances of rent, lease, or hire. PERFECT for use when trying to get a job or promotion! Rub your hands with this then fill out an application or wear it to you interview or when handing out resumes. Be looked at FIRST! Created with rose hips, Solomon seal, lodestone, bergamot, vanilla, among other herbs and oils. feedback; "This smells so divine. Moma Sarah's energy is so positive and strong and you can just feel the love and joy in her products. I've been wearing this oil since I got it and it just makes me feel more confident. The first day I wore it I got whistled at walking to work lol!" thanks for looking!

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