Loaded Buckeye
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Loaded Buckeye

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Make sure the wares and tools you use for your practice are authentic! My process is documented above in my photos. From step one of harvesting the nuts all the way through my process and finished item. Demand quality from your spiritual worker and be aware of copies. I much prefer working with "live" roots and nuts versus dried...what hoodoo hunny doesn't?! The ashe' is so much more powerful! You can still have a "freshly dried" root (one that hasn't sat around for months...say, on a store shelf, that possesses a lot of ashe' but "just dug" is oh so much better! I have a secret...I LOVE the smell of just-turned dirt:) It's my favorite! Increase your business, wealth, and vigor with these glowing gems from nature! A popular curio with reputed power to ensure male potency. For this purpose it is carried in the front pocket and oiled to keep it smooth and shiny. In addition, many folks wrap a two-dollar bill around the buckeye (folding it toward them to draw the money) to bring good luck in games and gambling. Add a buckeye to a green mojo hand containing money herbs such as allspice, chamomile, bayberry, cinnamon, alfalfa, and Irish moss. This mojo will be available here soon-just contact me if you are interested! Before handling their cash, dress your buckeye with my Wealthy Way il and recite the 23rd Psalm. PLAIN, unloaded buckeyes sell for 3 dollars a piece, or more, in curio shops! These nuts were foraged for by myself, thanks was given and offerings were left. Each one has been loaded in the traditional hoodoo style. They were hand drilled and then filled with my lucky buckeye filling, one lodestone, dirt dauber nest, my Abundatia oil, sealed with green wax and topped with a generous helping of pyrite. All done while under the guise of La Madama and Abundantia. My process is documented in the photos. You will receive ONE of the pictured nuts. thanks for looking!

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