Lightening Struck Cedar-Uncrossing, Cleansing, Amplifies Power

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Lightening struck wood is a powerful curio within hoodoo and Native American traditions. It can be added to any work to increase its potency.  It is excellent for commanding, uncrossing or separation work as well as for adding power, passion and spark to any other workings. It amplifies any working it is used in and is know for driving away evil and providing cleansing and protection power.

Keep a piece on your altar or in a mojo bag for protection. Hang a piece in your home to keep evil away. Boil a piece in a pot of water and add to your bath or mop bucket for an uncrossing wash for self or home.

This wood is from the photos shown and is cedar, another highly protective and cleansing wood.

****************************You will receive one, 3x4 inch bag of wood. LIMITED.

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