Laveau's Triple Luv Wash-Triple Charged to Draw Love

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Welcome! Floor washes are among the most practiced form of magic in a hoodoo's household. Hoodoo women keep the cleanest houses, both spiritually and physically. Everything from the front steps being scrubbed with blueing and red brick dust to the floors, walls, and windows being wiped down with a wash tub filled with herbs and oils. This is the physical way we hoodoos manifest what we want in our lives and household. We work very hard to keep them fresh and clean so the universe takes notice and fate smiles upon us bringing fortune and prosperity!

Use this was to help support your love workings; dating, marriage, comittment, fidelity, self love etc.

Cleaning is a magickal ritual in itself; we feel so good after we've cleaned, and now you clean your home magickaly too! The earliest floor washes were made by mixing salt with or without added saltpeter, washing soda, ammonia, turpentine, lye, or herbs ,such as Devil's Shoestring, to get rid of evil influences. Or mixing diluted urine (chamber lye) in water, with or without added sugar, salt, saltpeter, blueing, or herbs such as Cinnamon or Vanilla, to draw in customers, money, and love. Many floor washes are used in combination with a four-day incense fumigation of the premises to enhance their beneficial effect. Use this with my All Purpose Spiritual Incense for extra oomph! This wash is my own original love drawing recipe! It was passed down from my family but I've added a few kicks to it! And it brings such a sweet, drawing vibe to your home! Great for Commanding, Drawing, or Do as I say spells. It is created with blessed rose water, orris root, peony root, patchouli, licorice root, and palmarosa oil with 3 cowrie shells are thrown in for prosperity and goddess energy! Ashe! Cleans your home up real good! Wonderful to scrub the steps of your home to keep things sweet and happy inside! You will notice a difference right away!

Add 1/4 bottle per gallon of wash/mop water and get to cleanin'! You can also add it to your bath-completely safe for the skin. 4 ounce bottle. thanks for looking! curio only.

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