Large Loaded Alligator Tooth-Luck, Money, Success, Prosperity

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Alligator teeth have been used for hundreds of years in the Americas to bring fortune. How or why this custom started is unknown. Alligators shed their teeth, whether they have been damaged or not, so perhaps it was just the fact that they were plentiful and free-people just needed to find a use for them. These teeth are from farm raised gators and were sold to me by a Native American woman. The gators were not harmed to obtain the teeth, as there is no real value in these to the average person.

As with all natural curios, each is a different shape and/or color. Because gator shed their teeth there is a natural hollow in the tooth. This hollow has been filled with a mixture of fortune drawing herbs such as High John root, fennel seed, sassafras root, and vervain among other herbs. These herbs were soaked in my Van Van oil, sprinkled with pyrite and then loaded into the hollows of the teeth. They were then sealed with wax from one of my hand made luck candles. Teeth vary from 1.5-2 inches.

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