Large Dirt Dauber Nest-Better Business, Hexing, Compel, Command

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Dirt daubers are long, slender wasps. The name of this wasp group comes from the nests that are made by the females, which consist of mud molded into place by the wasp's mandibles. They are also called "mud dauber, " "dirt digger," "dirt dobber," "dirt diver", or "mud wasp". My large nests are 4-5 inches long, enough for many, many uses.

-To make someone easier to influence and to break someone's resistance to a situation; Take an egg and poke a hole in it, filling it with poppy seeds, black mustards seeds, calamus root, and a pinch of cayenne, then add a bit of pulverized dirt dauber's nest. If you have personal concern include it in the mix and write their name on the egg in a complete circle. Light 3 Black candles dressed with my Triple Confusion Oil and place them in a triangle around the egg as you pray Psalm 8:6. When the candles burn down toss the egg at your target's door or take it outside and using a hammer shatter the egg therefore shattering their resistance.

-You can also take some dirt dauber nest and pulverize it with guinea pepper (grains of paradise) and throw it up in the air around your place of business to ensure prosperity and steady business.

-Mix dirt dauber nest into your goofer's dust to make it particularly potent.

-To get someone to move out: crush a dirt dauber nest, cayenne, and some red ants into a powder and sprinkle it at the enemy's doorstep to make them quarrel, fight, and move out of the house.

***Due to be a natural curio, sizes and shapes will vary. Also, these are delicate. I will pack them carefully but breakage will occur in some areas of the nest.

thanks for looking!

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