Kyphi Incense
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Kyphi Incense

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This is by far the BEST batch I have made! I found a way to cut down on the timely process which allowed me to invest time in growing better ingredients! It has a delicious musky, honey-sweet, old-fashioned rose, earthy myrrh, and golden benzoin scent! Kyphi may be the finest incense available if you ask me. Sure, copal, benzoin, dragon's blood, and frankincense are very fine indeed, but they don't take the patience and love to create that this incense does. The most sacred of the ancient Egyptian incenses was called Kyphi, or “Welcome to the Gods.” High priests concocted Kyphi during secret, chant-filled temple ceremonies. The incense was said to consist of “things that delight in the night.” Green historian Plutarch (A.D. 46-120) wrote that smelling Kyphi was like “listening to beautiful music.” He also described it as having the power to “rock a person to sleep, brighten dreams, and chase away the troubles of the day.” On a daily basis, the ritualized burning of incense in ancient Egypt consisted of frankincense in the morning, myrrh during the day, and Kapet (Kyphi from the Greek translation) in the evening. According to Egyptologists, Kyphi played an important role as a sacred fragrance in many ceremonies. It was also believed Kyphi could revive the dead and was placed in tombs of kings to enjoy in the afterlife. It was highly prized, had many expensive ingredients, and required a special process to create it. Not originally created as an aphrodisiac, this property was associated with it by the Greeks because most of the ingredients correspond with love. It's enveloping, layered scent made it desirable for the boudoir. My process-I begin with golden currants which had been soaked in spiced red wine, cardamom pods, juniper berries, and cinnamon sticks. The remaining ingredients consists of orris root, spearmint, rose petals, cardamom, juniper berries, liquid benzoin, and myrrh. The rose petals, juniper berries, spearmint and orris root were all grown, harvested and prepared by me this last fall specifically for this incense. These are then combined with the red wine-soaked golden currants and organic, local honey. The honey is from a neighbor down the road who keeps bees. This incense must be used with charcoal briquettes and can be broken up to provide you with many used. A little goes a long way! I have created this batch in irregular "brittle" type pieces which cuts down on the time consuming process of rolling the incense into pellets. This reduces the end cost for you! You will receive 1/2+ ounce of incense WITH 2 charcoal disks! The disks can easily be broken into halves for convenience and to get more uses out of them. thanks for looking!

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