Kunty Kash Set-Kunt Kandle-Divine Wisdom, Empowered Abundance
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Kunty Kash Set-Kunt Kandle-Divine Wisdom, Empowered Abundance

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This set includes my Kunty Ka$h Oil AND my loaded KUNT KA$H KANDLE! Inscribe your goals all over teh candle and begin burning on a Friday.

I am all about RECLAIMING words that once held power but were turned gainst us in order to rob of us and make us powerless. 

The word "cunt" derives from the powerful Goddess Kunti! 

YES! She was a goddess! Her name means "Royal Mother" and she is an ancient goddess of fertility and wisdom, In her most primordial manifestation, she epitomizes female generative power in the way that Shiva represents corresponding male power. Kunti’s powers are so intense that her very presence stimulates conception and painless childbirth. In the Mahabharata, her powers are gifts of the devas, the deities but once upon a time, Kunti was the self-generating mother. She bears children parthogenically, not because virginity is spiritually superior but because her fertility power is so strong, no partner is needed!

So she can manifest abudantly with NO HELP FROM A MAN OR PARTNER! DIVINE INDEPENDANCE!

That is the power of the Kunti!

Use my Kunty Kash oil to create divine abundance, the life of your dreams, regenerate wealth and do it with your own divine wisdom and power! Start that business, begin your side hustle, get that degree or certification, move to a new lucrative city or home-CREATE YOUR WORLD!


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