Knotweed Root Oil-Tie Up, Command, Gain in Your Favor
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Knotweed Root Oil-Tie Up, Command, Gain in Your Favor

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Also known as "Lady's Thumb" for it's ability to be used to keep someone or something "under your thumb". This root is used to bind, restrict or control a person or to symbolically tie things down for your gain. This herb can be used to bind a lover to you or in any type of spell where you want to control or command someone. One of the best herbs to work with when creating a voodoo doll that represents the person that you want to control. 

It can be used to physically control one's tongue to protect from gossip, lies or slander. It can be used to "tie up" a man's nature to keep him faithful and unale to be sexual with others. 

Can be used to gain employment, keep money and savings, win at court, keep a lover, stop someone from moving or leaving, to bind someone from harming your or themselves.

Use the oil on a purple or red figure candle to match the gender of your target. Use a peice of their shoelace, or a red string, and state your intention as you tie knots into it. Tie 3 knots each day for 5 days. Or use on a red 7 knob candle, with each knob inscribed with your target's name. Burn one knob each day.

Use in conjunction with my knotweed root slices.

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