Justice Set-Divorce, Custody, Settlements, Court
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Justice Set-Divorce, Custody, Settlements, Court

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This kit features a paquet with Elegua's veve, to open the roads of your life. Use this kit during a separation, divorce, break-up, when you or a room mate is moving out, when retiring or quitting a job, or when someone has done you wrong, stolen from you or lied to or about you. Get back what you deserve and have their actions brought to light! This kit is designed to get you justice, and what you deserve, out of a court case or separation. Once the property and monetary items are settled, this kit can also keep that person out of your life for good- no reoccurring problems later on! You will receive a mojo bag with 3 offerings to Elegua (3 and 6 are his numbers), my "Law Away" powder, a bottle of Maat oil-Egyptian Goddess of justice and balance, and 7 candles to be dressed with the oil and powder and lit over 7 days.  My oil contains vanilla, lilac, rose, mint, and vervain-all sacred to Maat. The paquet contains calamus root, sassafras root, calendula flowers, lodestones, cowrie, angelica root, meadowsweet, lavender, mistletoe, and hyssop. When you receive your paquet, soak it in rum, for 24 hours. Remove it and allow it to dry, the evaporating rum is an offering. You may then add it to your mojo, gris gris, or altar. thanks for looking! curio only.

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