Juju No.5 Oil-Evil Eye, Cleansing, Luck, and Money
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Juju No.5 Oil-Evil Eye, Cleansing, Luck, and Money

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This is one of my specialties-usually reserved for my own use-and I love using it!

This oil is created with 5 types of juju.

What IS juju?
Juju or JuJu is a word of either West African or French origin used previously by Europeans to describe the traditional West African religion. The term Juju refers to the use of such objects and other things to perform a form of witchcraft.

An object of any kind superstitiously venerated by West African native tribes, and used as a charm, amulet, or means of protection; a fetish. Also the supernatural or magical power attributed to such objects, or the system of observances connected with them.

So, juju is more than an object use for representation-such as how we use cowrie shells to symbolize feminine power because they are yoni shaped-it is also the actual ashe' of an object. Any object can possess good or bad juju. 

My oil contains 5 (the number of protection and love) pieces of juju; a cowrie shell and bergamot oil for money, a rattlesnake rib and lilly of the valley oil for divine messages, Mexican anil and lotus oil and for cleansing, a safety pin and neroli oil tp "pin down" what you want, and an evil eye with gardenia oil for protection against the Evil Eye. All tossed up with iron filings to draw their power to your working! What more could you want!

Use this oil on any color candle to enhance any working. Makes a delicious perfume that is a great quick-cleanse and spiritual pick-me-up!

thanks for looking!


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