Intranquil Spirit Oil-Miracles, Love, Business,Communication

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Anima sola (also called Espiritu Intranquilo-Intranquil Spirit) was a woman named Celestine. She was a water bearer that refused to give water to Jesus during his crucifixion and gave water to the other two thieves. She was then cursed to serve others for eternity due to her unkindness. 

She is very miraculous spirit, granting a wide variety of favors to those who ask, specially when it comes to work against others. While some folks see her as a vengeful spirit, she is a spirit that humanity find their own truth, humility, and divinity. She enhances our workings by clarifying our lines of communication.

As any spirit, she must be left an offering for her services. The usual offering is light (candles or lamp) for a few days. Any color will do, I have found her to have no preference.

You can petition her to help you on your work, or pray to her and have her do it all on her own, just be clear and remember to pay her. 

Here is a prayer to her. I recommend using it over 9 days of candle lighting or lamp setting to her with my oil as dressing or fuel;

Hear, mortal, the lament of the imprisoned soul, alone, sad,
Abandoned in this obscure dwelling.
My soul, soul of peace and of war,
Soul of sea and land,
I desire that all that I have as lost or absent
Is returned to me or appears.
O Soul, the most abandoned and alone of all of purgatory!
I accompany you in your grief,
Having pity on seeing you suffer and moan
In the abandonment of this harsh and long imprisonment,
And I desire to lessen your pain;
I offer you all my meritorious works,
And all that I have suffered, suffer, and will suffer in this life
So that you can pay for your sins before God,
And achieve His grace hoping that you will do me the great favor
That he give to my understanding the light necessary
So that I may obey His Holy Law
Loving Him above all things as my one and only good,
And my neighbor as myself,
Because by that I will merit his Divine Majesty and infinite mercy:
My salvation.

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