Indigo Warding Soap-Protection, Warding, Healing, Evil Eye

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Indigo has long been used in the US and, at one point, an indigo cake was worth more than our American dollar! These cakes were traded like currency. The indigo dye has been used in creating many spiritual products including indigo water, peace water and more. Indigo possesses a sweet, peaceful and protective energy while it's color has been used to wrd off evil for centuries. Bathe yourself in natural, spiritual protection with this herbal ally. I've added vetivert as it is a well-known Creole herb for protection and good luck. Indigo is still quite expensive which is why most spiritual supply company's use synthetic now.

Created with vetivert, real indigo powder, blue butterfly flower and evil eyes.

Vetivert and indigo have anturally earthy scents. Suitable for any gender.



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