Indian Bracelet Oil-Fidelity, Marriage, Compassion, Forgiveness
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Indian Bracelet Oil-Fidelity, Marriage, Compassion, Forgiveness

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This is an old formula for fidelity created from oils that are all sacred to Lakshmi; sandalwood, lotus, cinnamon, and vanilla. Lakshmi is extremely devoted to her consort, Vishnu, and he to her as well. This oil invokes the spirit of this glorious, divine, devoted couple to be in your home and relationship. Wear this oil around your parter, especially to bed (hey, hey, now;) and add it to your floorwash when you mop your floors. It brings soothing energy to a relationship, allows you to better understand and communicate, invokes compassion, forgiveness, and can repair quarrels and prevent divorce or a break-up. Also makes a beautiful incense when used in a diffuser, mixed with appropriate herbs and burned, or dropped onto charcoal briquettes. Use this oil on pink, green, or white candles. Couple, union, or figure candles are a great choice. thanks for looking! 5ml amber glass bottle with natural cork. curio only. © Conjured Cardea™ 2009. No part of the content, designs, photographs, product trade name(s), trade product design(s), intellectual property, and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission. All rights reserved.

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