Hot Foot Oil-To Banish Abusers and Users, Foot Traffic Magick

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For annoying ex's, solicitors, salesmen, enemies, abusers, users, and bad neighbors, hot foot Oil will do the trick! Pour a little in a bowl and charge with your intentions. Throw this over your left shoulder saying; "Hot foot, hot foot you have gotten too close for me, now is the time I banish thee! Step here if you'd like but it won't be for long, examine your ways, it's time to move on! Hot foot, hot foot, cuz you been doin' me wrong, hot foot, hot foot, move on, move on!" To use on enemies, place a drop in a fresh footprint of theirs.

To keep salesmen and solicitors from you home, sprinkle it around your property. DO NOT APPLY TO THE BODY.

 curio only.

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