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I have decided to offer this set of my top FIVE oils, that's right FIVE! Both for new clients who wish to try the creme de la creme in ritual oils and for my existing clients who use these oils frequently in their daily workings and rituals! AND for a special hoodoo hunny price;) You are saving over $3.00 per bottle by buying bulk and you save on shipping too! 1 Van van is derived from the french Louisiana pronunciation of vervain as "vaah vahn". It is created from 5 oriental grasses such as citronella, vervain, lemongrass, gingergrass, and patchouli. This the BEST all purpose oil! Anoint anything you like with it for extra oomph! It reverses bad luck, opens doors, creates opportunity, protects, and calls good fortune near! How can ya go wrong? Hard to find oil, and when you do, it's just synthetic, dyed junk. All my oils are created with home-grown ingredients, the herbs have "set" and charged for at least 1 year, and everything is prepared by me...not mass produced in a factory. Demand quality in your magick! 2 Kyoto- Combine this with my traditional Kyoto powder, and you have the cosmos on your side! No doubt your luck will change! This oil is the opposite of my Jyoti oil which drives negative spells. This one will increase any positive workings or healings you are doing. Great to draw prosperity, health, and love into your home and life! Created with tonka bean, lavender, arrowroot, clove, orris root, and an iron nail. Visualize your magickal workings like you are building a house. You are creating something grand, use this stuff as the nails you drive into the boards to create and erect your will! Super stuff for super hoodoos! Great for anointing candles, nation sacks, or mojo/charm bags. 3 True Lucky Hand oil! Traditional recipe, ritually prepared. The secret to lucky hand oil is the rose. Lucky hands must be soaked in rose oil. This is almost always left out of commercial lucky hand root oil and, sadly to say, sometimes the root itself is left out too due to it being rare and expensive as it comes from a specific variety of orchid. That's right! A lot of commercial oils you buy contain nothing but oil and dyes...NO botanicals at all! What a rip off! This oil contains real, freshly dried roses, rose oil from India, and a piece of lucky hand root (the whole root won't fit in the bottle). A must have for any witch or hoodoo! Anoint mojo bags and objects with it for fast luck, employment, protection, gambling, travel and success in legal matters! You can't go wrong with this gem! THE best oil for finding a job, if you ask me. Anoint your purse, wallet, and resume for money or employment. Anoint your shoes for travel, anoint your heart to find love! 4 shi shi-One of the oldest hoodoo formulas I know of! Called the "emergency magick" oil. Gets you out of the worst situations fast. Reputed to work the fastest of all oils! Puts poverty on the run and attracts wealth fast! I have used this for matters with court cases or employment, but it will clear the way for any magickal working! Removes obstacles, clear your path so you can advance, provides triumph over adversity and challenges. Gets negative people out of your way so you can be successful. Use this oil by carrying it with you and rubbing it on your hands at your place of business, court, work, school, wherever it applies. 5 My famous attraction oil loaded with goodnesses like low john, orange zest, nutmeg, gold, pyrite, lodestone, devil's shoestring, honeysuckle, rose, lunaria, patchouli, frankincense, orris root, verbena, vervain...oo-ey that's a lot a' stuffs in der! Use this to attract anything you may need; companionship, employment, household items, transportation, debt-relief...it works! I have used this oil in daily ritual to give thanks for what I already have and to attract blessings to my home. It has aided me in my rituals and I have received so much abundance due to it's help; a new car, new truck, a home, a healthy family, debt relief, a good job, a good job for my husband, a new stove...the list goes on. Try it out...you just may get what you want;) Here's what you do; cut pictures out of magazines of the things you need. Get a white candle you can burn for seven days. Sprinkle my attraction powder (available in my Powerful Powders section) in each corner of your house saying "spirit of attraction, bring me what I desire", then name it. Anoint your candle and say "as I feed you, you feed me". Do this for seven days. It works. Pray to Lakshmi that your needs are met. Leave Lakshmi a small bowl with cinnamon and coins in it. Once the coins accumulate, donate them to charity or give them to someone in need. Do this spell every month for a year, live right, be fair, and do good, and your life can change. Like attracts like. thanks for looking!

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