Honey Jar Set-Make Your Desires Stick Like Glue
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Honey Jar Set-Make Your Desires Stick Like Glue

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Honey jars have been used through out history as a type of binding and sweetening magick. The sticky sweet substance is sacred in itself but is best used to sweeten a person or situation in your favor. This is a traditionally made honey jar, made in the fashion I was taught by my family. You will receive one 8 ounce jar with organic honey from my neighbor's bees, rose petals, cinnamon stick, a pair of lodestones and the secret ingredient-not pictured in this jar in order to preserve my recipe. The jar is adorned with an Oshun veve.

You will also receive a bottle of my "Honey Works" which is my own unique combination of my High John, Come to Me, Mint Bouquet, and Do as I Say oils!

 There is room left in the jar so that you may add personal concerns or any other ingredients. I have also included 7 white candles, one for each day. You will also need; -A name paper-written with the name of the target written on it. -Some of the targets hair, fingernail clippings, soiled clothing, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids. This step may be omitted. -A cigar or cigarette. Add the name paper, personal concerns, half the bottle of oil, and then light the cigar or cigarette, take a puff then quickly blow it into the jar and seal it tightly. Once a day dress this candle with a bit of my oil. For 5 days, light it and pray for your desired outcome. You will receive ONE jar, SEVEN candles, and ONE oil. 

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